The Swiss expert in the remediation of odours, viruses, bacteria, moulds, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollutants and particles.

Air & Surfaces

Because we breathe an average of 12’000 litres of air daily and we touch up to 30 objects per minute. Air & Surfaces Hygiene is a set of measures destined to prevent illnesses and preserve premises cleanliness. Air treatment is also mandatory for the comfort and wellbeing of the occupants within the building spaces


  • Limit cross contamination impact throughout epidemics & sanitary crisis
  • Ensure comfort and wellbeing of the occupants & enhance their experience
  • Discomforting Odours Management without the use of chemicals

Hygiactive SA sets its Expertise & Experience throughout more than 800 successful missions at your service to analyse all the different environmental aspects. We therefore propose the very best way to help you designing your sanitation project. Since its inception Hygiactive SA strong wish is to propose a true and genuine working Partnership. Because the approach is not forcibly the very same over a cross contamination  management project in Hospitals or across the Financial Services, Nurseries, Schools moreover on an Industrial Production Site.

We master the management of numerous Air, Water & Surfaces Technologies: low-temperature oxygen plasma, Ultraviolet, Filtration, Photocatalysis … Hygiactive SA has the capacity to combine them whatever the need, in order to clear the space and sanitise the latter from particulates, bacteria, virus, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as well as odours. Pioneering in the processes of validating decontamination technologies in situ, Hygiactive SA rightfully demonstrated the capabilities to understand the underlying rulesets from the environment and pollution related challenges, to integrate prevention plans, to lead validation campaigns across many diverse sectors.

Water & Ice

Water washes approximately 70% of the Earth ground, and represents 70% of our body mass.

Source & clear waters are the ground basis of Life, whereas polluted and waste waters bring illnesses and destroys the Environment

Ice cubes keep these contaminations within and become particularly dangerous when used within our food chain if not dealt with in an appropriate fashion

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