The Swiss expert in the remediation of odours, viruses, bacteria, moulds, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollutants and particles.

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A comprehensive assessment of your situation and unique expertise to help you protect the health and well-being of your teams and clients.

We answer your questions:

  • Air contamination in my office (bacteria, mold, pollens, viruses, algae, …)
  • Recurring odour problems (waste, toilets, kitchen, …)
  • Irritations & Inflammations after work (fine particles, volatile organic compounds – VOCs)?

Any other question on the dangers related to pathogens and their concentrations.
More than 200 substances are investigated and analyzed, including formaldehyde, benzene, solvents, perfumes, and many others.

All operations are carried out in a thorough and transparent manner through the use of passive sensors.


Indoor air can be up to 90 times more polluted than outdoor air, being responsible for millions of deaths every year.

Make all the potential hazards in your environment visible and drastically reduce your daily exposure to air pollution.

Your air quality in the blink of an eye thanks to the centralization and analysis of all relevant information on the air quality in and around your offices:

  • Continuous air quality diagnostics:
    Uninterrupted measurement of your indoor air as well as determination of your exposure levels per room, in a simple and transparent way through our platform.
  • Simple and automated exposure tracking:
    Automated tracking of your exposure to air pollution, tailored action plans improving your air quality as well as quantification of all associated results through our interactive and customizable application.
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement:
    Customized consulting, remediation and communication solutions via our public pages.

Check out the dangers we make visible

Our Partners

Safe Air & Surface



SAFE Air & Surface®

SAFE AIR & SURFACE (formerly Hygiazone) is a solution that provides true state-of-the-art air and surface sanitation technologies.

A solution continuously perfected through 15 years of research, field experience and benchmarking, our solution offers you a safe and healthy space thanks to

  • Drastic reduction in viral and bacterial loads.
  • Destruction of spores, molds, VOCs and particulates.
  • Odour elimination

    An automated curative option can be scheduled outside of human presence to achieve 99% bio-decontamination of air and surfaces.


against virus, bacteria, VOC, molds

1 %
continuous efficacy
1 %
curative option efficacy


  • Quality certification proving the full implementation of sanitary requirements
  • Cross contaminations effective management
  • A Will of engagement into a prevention approach shared both by the staffs and clients
  • A clear actions & prevention plan in the field of Hygiene and Safety
  • Your estate as well as your HR policies of well-being added value
  • Tried and tester sanitisation & bio disinfection technologies
  • Air analysis and monitoring
  • Machine training
  • Optimization of parameters and analysis of curative actions (on demand validated specific protocols)
  • Warranty extension and replacement of machines
  • Preferential price for consumables
  • Safe Air & Surface certification – annual coverage sticker & HSS prescription
  • referencing

Our Offer

  1. Premises Analysis (pathogens, toxic agents, particulates, odours)
  2. Machines set up and deployment (training, locating, parameterisation)
  3. Results Analysis and consequential adjustments
  4. Annual monitoring maintenance

Fast and efficient installation under the direction of our specialists and continuous evaluation over time through 24/7/365 monitoring.

Our Actions

Analysis & Advisory

Installation & Setup

Real-Time IAQ monitoring

Guarantee Extension

Consumables and Maintenance included

SAFE Air & Surface Labelling

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